The Best Food in Texas!


What is the best food in Texas? Texans like specific foods. The foods are mostly mentioned
in the history of Texas. Just like other states have foods which tourist
associate with the region, Texans have different foods which originated from
the area and are known to identify the locals. If you are travelling to Texas,
then it is necessary to check on the foods which they love. Some of the best
foods in Texas include the following:

Chicken-fried steak

The food is common in Texas. It is associated with the arrival of Germans who settled in
the central Texas region. There are several modern restaurants which still
follow the tradition of preparing chicken fried steak while adhering to the
tradition. You can have a bite and feel part of the Texans.


The history of Texas features food where beef or pork ribs are smoked over wood fired heat.
Texans are known to apply spices to the smoked beef or pork ribs to achieve outstanding
flavor. Hill country Germans are considered to have perfected the art of preparing
barbecue due to their wide knowledge in smoking meat.


The chili prepared in Texas has no beans as ingredients. You can prepare the food and apply
toppings to achieve different flavors. If you are travelling to Texas, you can
enjoy the food and develop a special memory of the region.

Fried okra

Plants in Texas wither in august. But, okra thrives which makes a great meal if you happen to travel
to Texas in the month of August. There are several restaurants which prepare
the food from where you can buy and enjoy your time in the South.

Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas

It is a Texan cuisine. Several restaurants in Texas maintain the tradition of preparing
the food. Texas Mexican restaurants are known to prepare the best foods. Some of
the spices applied on the food to make it tasty include chopped onions and
chili. To enjoy the best dish, you should visit the best restaurants in Texas
known to prepare local cuisine.

Chile con queso

The food is made with cheese which is processed. A basic recipe will include diced tomatoes,
velveeta, sausage and green chiles. If you will like to explore more, you can
as well have green chiles added. The food is well known in Texas, you can visit
any restaurant which serves local foods to enjoy the dishes.

Brisket tacos

It is a contemporary Texas dish. You will have a combination of Walsh, Tex-Mex taco and Texas
barbecue. You can have the food during breakfast or any other time you would
like to enjoy your big day.


Tortilla soup

The soup was first developed in Mexico. Several restaurants in Texas have adopted it which
has made it among the best foods served in Texas. If you can visit top restaurants
in Texas, you will realize the food is among the top choices for Texans.


Dr Pepper

It is a drink served in Texas which is preferred over coca cola. It was invented in
1885. The drink can be your preferred choice if you are in Texas and you would
like to feel like the locals.




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