Only to be outdone by American football, college football in America is a big deal for many Americans. Through this game, many universities, colleges and military academies prove who is who as far as this beloved American pastime is concerned. College football is a great determinant of who will end up playing professional football. In fact, in some states college football teams enjoy greater popularity than local professional teams. But for Texas, what is the best college football team?

What is the Best College Football Team in Texas?
First of all, Texas has lots of college football teams. About 40 colleges and universities in Texas play some sort of football, but the the serious teams number around a dozen. Every year brings with it new surprises that often give fans of this game a new top-ranking team.

SO, the tricky part about Texas college football is that no single team seems to stand out as a favorite on a consistent basis; as it the case with Ohio and its long-reigning Mount Union team. So, the answer as to what the best Texas team will be by the end of the year is usually up in the air when the football season begins.

The UMHB College Football Team
At the moment, few can deny that the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (UMHB) college football team is the best college football team in Texas. There is certainly an argument to be made for local heavyweights like TCU and Texas A&M football teams, but right now, UMHB is in the limelight for its stellar performance.

The team has a national record for winning 84% of the 234 games it has played in Division III football. In fact, the team recently managed to bring home their first NCAA Division III Championship; putting it in the same league as eight other college football teams that have clinched the title at least once. Only nine other teams have fared better by getting at least two titles in this competition.

But the team got its landmark win back in 2016. In 2017, the team managed to become the runner-up in the competition, a feat it last achieved in the year 2004. That is also quite commendable, and it certainly gives the team recognition, not only in its home state Texas, but also in the country.

In the year 2016, the UMHB team managed to have its player, Blake Jackson, the team’s quarterback, voted as the Most Outstanding Player in the Stagg Bowl by the media. And that’s no mean feat – only four other colleges have managed to produce such players since 2000, with Ohio’s Mount Union managing to produce most of the award winners.

The unabated passion for American college football is alive and well in Texas. But even with over 10 serious college teams in the state, the battle for supremacy has not provided any consistent league leaders. However, at the moment, UMHB reigns supreme over formidable competitors such as TCU, Texas Tech, A&M and Sam Houston. UMHB is on a roll; and only time will tell how long its reign will last with so many worthy contenders so eager to assume the lead position.


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